Soil Scientist Program

Program Overview

Doug Gardens Educational Program offers a comprehensive Soil Scientist Program designed for Grade Three students. The program aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of the components of healthy soil, the crucial role of plants and animals in its development, and the significance of fostering and maintaining healthy soil environments.

In-Class Sessions

The program consists of three in-class sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. These sessions are packed with engaging demonstrations, hands-on learning activities, and experiments. Students actively work with different soils during these sessions, investigating various soil types and identifying organisms and plant life present in healthy soil. The carefully designed demonstrations and hands-on activities create a rich learning experience, allowing students to apply their knowledge and actively participate in the learning process.

Supplementary Components

The Soil Scientist Program includes several supplementary components to enhance the learning experience:

Individual Journals

Each student will receive an individual journal to record their observations, reflections, and discoveries throughout the program. Journaling activities encourage critical thinking and reflection skills, helping students analyze their findings and develop a deeper understanding of soil science.

Morning Messages - Caretakers of our Soil

The program incorporates 15 video messages that serve as short educational snippets delivered to students regularly. These messages provide additional insights, tips, and inspiration related to soil science, inspiring students to become stewards of the soil in their everyday lives.

Class Zoom Meetings

Two class zoom meetings are scheduled as part of the program, allowing students to share their findings and ask questions with Doug Garden’s soil expert. These virtual sessions foster collaboration and interaction, and they can be scheduled during or after the program, enabling students to continue their soil experiments throughout the year.

Soil Science Travelling Backpack

To extend the learning beyond the classroom, the program includes a unique resource called the Soil Science Travelling Backpack. This backpack is designed for students to take home and contains a series of short activities for them to complete with their families. These carefully curated activities provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences related to soil science. The backpack also includes a journal for students to record their findings, fostering a sense of pride and enthusiasm as they share their knowledge and passion for creating and sustaining healthy soil with their families or communities.

Comprehensive Nature of the Program

While in-class sessions can be booked individually, it's important to note that the supplementary components, such as journals, morning messages, zoom meetings, and the Soil Science Travelling Backpack, are not included in the individual session bookings. These components are integral to the comprehensive nature of the Soil Scientist Program, providing students with a well-rounded and immersive learning experience.