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Summer Green 5-2-2: Lush Garden Organic Fertilizer for Vibrant Summer Growth

Summer Green 5-2-2: Lush Garden Organic Fertilizer for Vibrant Summer Growth

Feed your soil the nutrients to produce lush and healthy foliage

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Sustain Your Garden's Lushness Through Summer: Summer Green, a natural garden enhancer, focuses on soil vitality during the warmest months. Its nitrogen-rich formula invigorates soil, ensuring plants remain lush and resilient. Continuous nutrient release from our eco-friendly pellets maintains soil health, critical for vibrant foliage and sustainable plant care. Perfect for gardeners dedicated to preserving soil wellness and plant vigor during summer.


Characteristics & Uses

The Ultimate Organic Pellet for Lush Summer Gardens

Summer Green (5-2-2) is your essential summer garden enhancer, designed to keep your garden vibrant and healthy through the hot months. It manages soil moisture, reduces heat stress with organic nutrients, and ensures nutrients stay within the soil, supporting robust plant growth. Its formula revitalizes the soil, fostering a lively microbial ecosystem for stronger roots and plant resilience. Optimized for summer's unique challenges, Summer Green promotes lush foliage and sustainable gardening, making it perfect for those committed to keeping their gardens flourishing in the heat.

1. Mastering Moisture with Slow-Release Pellets: Unlock the secret to a well-hydrated garden with Summer Green's slow-release organic pellets. Unlike powders that can wash away, our pellets ensure sustained moisture management, gradually releasing water-retaining humic acid. This magic ingredient acts like a sponge, keeping your garden's thirst quenched and resilient against the summer heat. Ideal for water-wise gardeners, Summer Green guarantees your plants stay lush and lively through every dry spell.

2. Heat-Proof Your Garden, Organically: Wave goodbye to wilted plants. Summer Green's pellets are packed with organic alfalfa meal and potassium sulfate, fortifying your garden's heat tolerance. This natural blend doesn't just sit on the surface; it integrates into the soil, helping plants keep cool and carry on. As temperatures rise, trust Summer Green to protect your garden's vitality, ensuring a vibrant oasis all summer long.

3. Lock in Nutrients, Lose the Leach: Forget about nutrients slipping through the cracks. Summer Green pellets are designed to stick around, feeding your garden just the right amount of nutrients slowly and just in time.  Our slow-release formula means your plants get a constant supply of essential nutrients, without the waste. Dive into a summer of explosive growth and colors without worrying about runoff or leaching.

4. Soil Vitality That Grows on You: Summer Green revitalizes not just plants, but the whole garden soil ecosystem. With a hearty dose of worm castings and BSFL frass, these pellets are a powerhouse for promoting soil health. They don't just sit on the surface; they dive deep, encouraging lively microbial ecosystems that transform your garden into a living, breathing paradise. Say hello to improved soil structure, better root growth, and a garden that’s buzzing with life.

Organic Pellets for Enhanced Growth and Vitality

Embrace the summer season with confidence using Summer Green (5-2-2), the ultimate organic pellet that promises a lush, vibrant garden despite heat and low moisture. Tailored to combat summer stressors, this garden enhancer focuses on moisture management, heat stress reduction, and nutrient retention through its slow-release pellets, packed with organic nutrients like humic acid, alfalfa meal, and potassium sulfate. Beyond nourishing plants, Summer Green revitalizes the entire soil ecosystem, promoting a sustainable garden buzzing with life and resilience. Perfect for eco-conscious gardeners, Summer Green ensures your garden remains a flourishing oasis all summer long.

Uses: Anywhere soil is growing plants! Gardens, landscapes, potted plants and even lawns.

Ingredients & Analysis

Organic Alfalfa Meal (3-1-2): Essential Plant Nutrients - Alfalfa meal, a plant superfood, infuses your garden with the vital nutrients needed for vigorous growth and lush foliage. Perfect for organic gardening enthusiasts seeking healthy plant growth.

Organic Worm Castings (2-0-0): Soil Health Enhancer - Earthworm castings enrich the soil, promoting strong, resilient plant development. Ideal for gardeners aiming to improve soil vitality naturally.

Organic Fishbone Meal (5-13-0): Phosphorus-Rich Fertilizer - Fishbone meal, loaded with phosphorus, bolsters root strength and flower growth, which is crucial for a flourishing garden.

Organic Feather Meal (11-0-0): Nitrogen Source for Plants - Slow-releasing nitrogen from feather meal keeps gardens green and vibrant, supporting chlorophyll production.

Organic Potassium Sulphate (0-0-53): Plant Metabolism Enhancer - This ingredient adjusts plant metabolism for better nutrient uptake, leading to happier, healthier gardens.

Organic Humic Acid (0-0-0): Soil Structure Improver - This organic compound revitalizes garden soil, enhancing water retention and soil texture, ideal for sustainable gardening practices.

Organic BSFL Frass (3-1-3): Natural Pest Repellent - Frass from black soldier fly larvae deters pests while nourishing plants, offering dual benefits for garden protection.

Third-Party Guaranteed Minimum Analysis: 5-2-2

Coverage & Application Rates

Gardens & Landscapes, Hanging Baskets, Potted Plants: Apply 1L (.25gal) of pellets per 2.3m2 (25sqft) or 1L (.5gal) of pellets per 136L (36gal). Incorporate into the top 2 inches of your soil or apply pellets and cover with compost.


All pellet products by the bag can be shipped Canada-wide.

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