Welcome to Doug Gardens

The Connection between Regenerative Agriculture and Urban Gardening Innovation.

At the heart of Doug Gardens are Stephanie and Lee Martineau, pioneers in the regenerative gardening movement. Transitioning from bustling city life to first-generation regenerative farmers, they embody the transformative journey towards sustainable and resilient agriculture. Their vision? To empower urban dwellers with the means to cultivate vibrant, biodiverse soil ecosystems right in their backyards.

Our origins trace back to a groundbreaking idea: creating comprehensive garden kits designed for urban settings. These kits, complete with a 3X6 raised bed, enriched soil and compost, and an irrigation system, were crafted to demystify regenerative agriculture for everyone. Recognizing the challenges urban dwellers face in securing wholesome, affordable food, our solutions are a testament to our commitment to building resilient soil health practices. Our goal? To simplify regenerative agriculture for everyone, because feeding our families nutrient-dense food should not be complicated.

Faced with the challenges of soil transportation and driven by our quest for innovation amidst dissatisfaction with available garden mulches, we pioneered Doug's signature organic soil-nourishing pellets. Initially conceived as an advanced mulch to nourish, enrich, and shield the soil, our journey of experimentation and refinement revealed a groundbreaking discovery. We weren't just creating another mulch; we were crafting an entirely new kind of garden fertilizer. Formulas that, once integrated with the soil, nurture the very ecosystems essential for sustaining plant life.

These innovative products turn any type of soil into highly fertile ground, enriching it with essential organic nutrients that promote healthy and strong plant and flower growth. Our innovation journey continued to evolve, leading us to develop and introduce season-specific soil nourishments. These bespoke solutions are designed to ensure your garden's vigor and productivity throughout the entire growing season, year after year.

Doug Gardens is more than a company; it's a community. A collective of urban gardeners united by a shared mission to restore soil health and enhance urban food production. By joining us, you're not just gardening; you're part of a movement to sow a greener, healthier future for our cities.

Embark on this journey with Doug Gardens. Together, we're not just growing plants; we're cultivating change, one garden at a time.

Stephanie + Lee Martineau