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Full Bloom 2-9-5: Organic Bloom Booster for Vibrant Harvests

Full Bloom 2-9-5: Organic Bloom Booster for Vibrant Harvests

Feed your soil the nutrients to produce prolific blooms

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Cultivate Flourishing Blooms with Healthy Soil: Full Bloom fertilizer is your solution for soil-centric flower and fruit production. Phosphorus-enriched to stimulate exceptional blooming and yield, it prioritizes soil condition, fostering a nutrient-rich environment for plant success. The slow-release formula ensures prolonged soil health, pivotal for bountiful blooms and fruit. Essential for gardeners passionate about vibrant gardens and sustainable soil nurturing techniques.

Characteristics & Uses

The Ultimate Organic Bloom Booster

Embrace Full Bloom, the regenerative, holistic bloom booster enriching your garden with vibrant blooms and fruitful harvests. Crafted with organic inputs like fishbone meal and rock phosphate, it releases essential nutrients slowly, fostering a sustainable soil ecosystem. This innovative formula holistically promotes lush growth and resilience in flowering and fruiting plants, revitalizing the soil for a balanced, thriving garden. Choose Full Bloom for a sustainable approach to achieving abundant blooms and yields, turning your garden into an oasis of vitality.

1. Supercharge Your Blooms with Phosphorus: Ignite an explosion of vibrant blooms with Full Bloom’s nutrient-dense, phosphorus-rich formula. Containing ingredients like organic fishbone meal and rock phosphate, Full Bloom is the secret ingredient your garden craves for developing awe-inspiring fruit and vegetables and breathtaking blooms. This bloom booster is a game-changer for anyone dreaming of a garden that becomes the talk of the town.

2. Continuous Feast for Your Plants: Say goodbye to the feast-or-famine cycle of conventional fertilizers. Full Bloom’s revolutionary slow-release pellets provide your garden with a constant stream of vital nutrients, ensuring they remain nourished and vibrant throughout the season. No more nutrient runoff or wasted feeds; just healthy, happy plants that keep on giving.

3. Transform Your Soil into a Life Force: Full Bloom does more than just feed plants; it breathes life into your garden, creating a thriving micro-ecosystem beneath the surface. With ingredients like organic worm castings and BSFL frass, your soil becomes a sanctuary for beneficial microbes and a fortress against pests. Embrace the power of regenerative gardening and watch as your garden transforms into a vibrant, self-sustaining paradise.

4. Fortify Plants Against Stress: Arm your garden against the stresses of nature with the resilience only kelp meal can offer. Packed with growth-promoting nutrients, this magical seaweed empowers your plants to withstand environmental pressures, ensuring they bloom prolifically through the highs and lows of the season. With Full Bloom, stress has met its match.

The organic, nutrient-rich bloom booster for a vibrant, resilient soil ecosystem

Step into the realm of regenerative gardening with Full Bloom—the organic, regenerative bloom booster your garden shouldn’t live without. Its unparalleled blend of phosphorus power, slow-release nutrition, and soil-revitalizing ingredients sets the stage for a garden spectacle unlike any other. Full Bloom is not just a fertilizer; it’s a commitment to nurturing a healthy, vibrant, and resilient garden ecosystem. Choose Full Bloom and transform your gardening dreams into a breathtaking reality.

Uses: Anywhere soil is growing plants! Gardens, landscapes, potted plants and even lawns.

Ingredients & Analysis

Organic Alfalfa Meal (3-1-2): Essential Plant Nutrients - Alfalfa meal, a plant superfood, infuses your garden with the vital nutrients needed for vigorous growth and lush foliage. Perfect for organic gardening enthusiasts seeking healthy plant growth.

Organic Worm Castings (2-0-0): Soil Health Enhancer - Earthworm castings enrich the soil, promoting strong, resilient plant development. Ideal for gardeners aiming to improve soil vitality naturally.

Organic Fishbone Meal (5-13-0): Phosphorus-Rich Fertilizer - Fishbone meal, loaded with phosphorus, bolsters root strength and flower growth, which is crucial for a flourishing garden.

Organic Feather Meal (11-0-0): Nitrogen Source for Plants - Slow-releasing nitrogen from feather meal keeps gardens green and vibrant, supporting chlorophyll production.

Organic Azomite (0-0-0.2): Trace Mineral Supplement - With over 70 trace minerals, Azomite feeds plants like a multivitamin, promoting optimal health, growth, and color. A must-have for mineral-rich soil.

Organic Rock Phosphate (0-20-0): Root Development Booster - High phosphorus content in rock phosphate ensures strong root systems and beautiful blooms, essential for healthy plant development.

Organic Potassium Sulphate (0-0-53): Plant Metabolism Enhancer - This ingredient adjusts plant metabolism for better nutrient uptake, leading to happier, healthier gardens.

Organic BSFL Frass (3-1-3): Natural Pest Repellent - Frass from black soldier fly larvae deters pests while nourishing plants, offering dual benefits for garden protection.

Organic Kelp Meal (1-0-2): Growth-Promoting Seaweed - Ethically harvested from the ocean, kelp meal boosts plant vigor and resistance to environmental stress, infusing gardens with vitality.

Organic Humic Acid (0-0-0): Soil Structure Improver - This organic compound revitalizes garden soil, enhancing water retention and soil texture, ideal for sustainable gardening practices.

Third-Party Guaranteed Minimum Analysis: 2-9-5

Coverage & Application Rates

Gardens & Landscapes, Hanging Baskets & Potted Plants: Apply 1L (.25gal) of pellets per 2.3m2 (25sqft) or 1L (.5gal) of pellets per 136L (36gal). Incorporate into the top 2 inches of your soil or apply pellets and cover with compost.


All pellet products by the bag can be shipped Canada-wide.

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