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Fall Renu 4-4-4: Organic Autumn Soil Revitalizer for Sustainable Gardening

Fall Renu 4-4-4: Organic Autumn Soil Revitalizer for Sustainable Gardening

Feed your soil the nutrients to rest & renu after the growing season

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Prepare Soil for Winter with Fall Renu: This autumn soil conditioner is crafted to fortify garden soil, prepping it for the colder months ahead. Balancing soil nutrients, Fall Renu supports plant resilience and prepares the garden soil for dormancy. Our environmentally friendly, slow-release pellets ensure your soil remains fertile and ready for a spring revival. A must-have for those invested in year-round soil health and the sustainability of their garden ecosystem.

Characteristics & Uses

The Ultimate Fall Applied Soil Conditioner for a Flourishing Spring Awakening

Fortify your garden for winter with Fall Renu, a nurturing blend that safeguards and revitalizes soil health. Enriched with organic alfalfa, feather meal, and BioChar, it locks in moisture and nutrients, preparing your sanctuary for spring's revival. This scientifically formulated protector balances soil nutrients, boosts microbial activity with worm castings and BSFL frass, and supports eco-friendly gardening. Embrace Fall Renu to ensure your garden emerges from its winter slumber vibrant and full of life, ready for a lush spring.

1. Winter-Proof Your Garden Sanctuary: As the days shorten and the air chills, Fall Renu steps in to shield your garden's soul. This fall miracle worker layers your soil with a protective blanket, rich in ingredients like organic alfalfa meal and feather meal, ensuring your green oasis retains its vitality beneath the snow. Engineered for those who cherish their garden's year-round health, Fall Renu promises a fertile ground, brimming with life, eager to burst forth come spring.

2. Balance and Nourish for Dormant Perfection: With Fall Renu, your garden's slumber is a restorative pause, not a time of neglect. Infused with ingredients like phosphorus from fishbone meal and potassium from potassium sulphate, it meticulously balances soil nutrients over the winter, prepping your plants for a rejuvenating dormancy. This holistic nourishment guards against the cold, empowering your garden with the strength to awaken rejuvenated, ready for the year's first bloom.

3. Enrich the Earth, Enliven the Microbes: Dive into the microcosm of your garden with Fall Renu, where each pellet is a beacon of vitality for soil-dwelling life. Ingredients like organic worm castings and BSFL frass invigorate the soil with an explosion of microbial activity, transforming the autumn bed into a bustling hub of fall nutrient recycling and supporting Mother Nature's tried and tested method. This vibrant microbial ecosystem is the cornerstone of regenerative gardening, setting the stage for a lush, resilient spring emergence.

4. The Regenerative Magic of BioChar: Incorporating BioChar, Fall Renu doesn't just condition soil—it regenerates it. This carbon-rich amendment acts as a magnet for water and nutrients, locking them in place and providing life-giving characteristics for microbiology over the cold winter months. By fostering beneficial microbial habitats and aiding in carbon sequestration, BioChar is the eco-friendly gardeners' ally against climate change, ensuring your garden contributes to a healthier planet.

Your Garden's Autumn Ally for Spring Vitality

Fall Renu is more than a soil conditioner and fertilizer; it's a commitment to sustainable and regenerative gardening. As you prepare your garden for winter, Fall Renu works silently beneath the surface, ensuring your soil is not just surviving but thriving. Come spring, your garden will emerge from its slumber with unmatched vigor and bloom, a testament to the care and foresight of fall preparation. Choose Fall Renu for a garden that grows with the seasons, reflecting the cycle of life with beauty and resilience.

Uses: Anywhere soil is growing plants! Gardens, landscapes, potted plants and even lawns.

Ingredients & Analysis

Organic Alfalfa Meal (3-1-2): Essential Plant Nutrients - Alfalfa meal, a plant superfood, infuses your garden with the vital nutrients needed for vigorous growth and lush foliage. Perfect for organic gardening enthusiasts seeking healthy plant growth.

Organic Worm Castings (2-0-0): Soil Health Enhancer - Earthworm castings enrich the soil, promoting strong, resilient plant development. Ideal for gardeners aiming to improve soil vitality naturally.

Organic Fishbone Meal (5-13-0): Phosphorus-Rich Fertilizer - Fishbone meal, loaded with phosphorus, bolsters root strength and flower growth, which is crucial for a flourishing garden.

Organic Feather Meal (11-0-0): Nitrogen Source for Plants - Slow-releasing nitrogen from feather meal keeps gardens green and vibrant, supporting chlorophyll production.

Organic Azomite (0-0-0.2): Trace Mineral Supplement - With over 70 trace minerals, Azomite feeds plants like a multivitamin, promoting optimal health, growth, and color. A must-have for mineral-rich soil.

Organic Rock Phosphate (0-20-0): Root Development Booster - High phosphorus content in rock phosphate ensures strong root systems and beautiful blooms, essential for healthy plant development.

Organic Potassium Sulphate (0-0-53): Plant Metabolism Enhancer - This ingredient adjusts plant metabolism for better nutrient uptake, leading to happier, healthier gardens.

Organic BSFL Frass (3-1-3): Natural Pest Repellent - Frass from black soldier fly larvae deters pests while nourishing plants, offering dual benefits for garden protection.

Organic Kelp Meal (1-0-2): Growth-Promoting Seaweed - Ethically harvested from the ocean, kelp meal boosts plant vigor and resistance to environmental stress, infusing gardens with vitality.

Organic Humic Acid (0-0-0): Soil Structure Improver - This organic compound revitalizes garden soil, enhancing water retention and soil texture, ideal for sustainable and regenerative gardening practices.

Organic Biochar: Soil Health Revolutionizer - A carbon-rich soil amendment that conserves water and nutrients, supports beneficial microbes, and combats climate change by sequestering carbon.

Third-Party Guaranteed Minimum Analysis: 3-3-3

Coverage & Application Rates

Gardens & Landscapes, Hanging Baskets, Potted Plants: Apply 1L (.25gal) of pellets per 2.3m2 (25sqft) or 1L (.5gal) of pellets per 136L (36gal). Incorporate into the top 2 inches of your soil or apply pellets and cover with compost.


All pellet products by the bag can be shipped Canada-wide.

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