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Spring Root 3-4-2: Organic Soil Rejuvenator Fertilizer for Spring Planting

Spring Root 3-4-2: Organic Soil Rejuvenator Fertilizer for Spring Planting

Feed your soil the nutrients to produce robust and resilient roots.

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Boost Soil Health for Spring Planting: Spring Root organic garden fertilizer enriches soil at the outset of the gardening season. Engineered for soil rejuvenation, it delivers essential nutrients for robust root development and plant growth. Our slow-release organic pellets provide steady nourishment, promoting a vibrant garden ecosystem from spring onward. Ideal for eco-conscious gardeners aiming to enhance soil fertility and support sustainable gardening practices.

Characteristics & Uses

The Ultimate soil awakener and root booster

Spring Root organic garden fertilizer is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify garden care while maximizing plant health and soil vitality. It combines all essential organic ingredients into one easy-to-use product, eliminating the guesswork and complexity of mixing various amendments. Here's how Spring Root supports your garden:

1. Essential Nutrient Boost for Vigorous Growth: Spring Root revitalizes garden soil with essential nutrients, perfectly balanced for the spring growing season. It blends organic alfalfa, fishbone, and kelp meals to deliver nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and vital trace minerals directly to your soil. This nutrient-rich formula kick-starts root growth and leaf development, preparing plants for a thriving season. With Spring Root, your garden gets exactly what it needs to grow strong and vibrant.

2. Enhancing Soil Structure for Plant Health: A thriving garden starts with healthy soil. Spring Root uses organic gypsum and humic acid to significantly improve soil quality. Gypsum loosens compacted earth, allowing roots to grow freely and water to penetrate more effectively. Humic acid increases the soil's ability to retain moisture and nutrients. Together, these ingredients create an ideal environment for plants, promoting deep root systems and efficient nutrient uptake.

3. Stimulating Soil Life for Natural Growth: Spring Root goes beyond feeding plants; it enriches the soil's microbial ecosystem. Worm castings and organic frass introduce beneficial microbes that break down organic matter into accessible nutrients, enhance soil structure, and protect against diseases. This boost in microbial activity results in a dynamic, living soil that supports healthier, more resilient plant growth.

4. Building a Garden's Defense Against Pests and Diseases: Healthy plants are naturally more resistant to pests and diseases. Spring Root fortifies this natural defense with organic BSFL frass, a dual-purpose ingredient that nourishes plants and repels unwanted pests. This sustainable approach to pest management means a healthier garden without reliance on harsh chemicals. Improved soil health and plant vigor further contribute to a garden's ability to withstand diseases and stress.

The complete organic solution for nutrient-rich, pest-resistant soil ready for a lush season

Spring Root offers a comprehensive, organic solution for awakening garden soil in preparation for the growing season. Its focus on nutrient replenishment, soil structure enhancement, microbial activity stimulation, and natural pest and disease resistance equips gardeners with everything they need for a lush, productive garden.

Uses: Anywhere soil is growing plants! Gardens, landscapes, potted plants and even lawns.

Ingredients & Analysis

Organic Alfalfa Meal (3-1-2): Essential Plant Nutrients - Alfalfa meal, a plant superfood, infuses your garden with the vital nutrients needed for vigorous growth and lush foliage. Perfect for organic gardening enthusiasts seeking healthy plant growth.

Organic Worm Castings (2-0-0): Soil Health Enhancer - Earthworm castings enrich the soil, promoting strong, resilient plant development. Ideal for gardeners aiming to improve soil vitality naturally.

Organic Fishbone Meal (5-13-0): Phosphorus-Rich Fertilizer - Fishbone meal, loaded with phosphorus, bolsters root strength and flower growth, crucial for a flourishing garden.

Organic Feather Meal (11-0-0): Nitrogen Source for Plants - Slow-releasing nitrogen from feather meal keeps gardens green and vibrant, supporting chlorophyll production.

Organic Azomite (0-0-0.2): Trace Mineral Supplement - With over 70 trace minerals, Azomite feeds plants like a multivitamin, promoting optimal health, growth, and color. A must-have for mineral-rich soil.

Organic Rock Phosphate (0-20-0): Root Development Booster - High phosphorus content in rock phosphate ensures strong root systems and beautiful blooms, essential for healthy plant development.

Organic Potassium Sulphate (0-0-53): Plant Metabolism Enhancer - This ingredient adjusts plant metabolism for better nutrient uptake, leading to happier, healthier gardens.

Organic BSFL Frass (3-1-3): Natural Pest Repellent - Frass from black soldier fly larvae deters pests while nourishing plants, offering dual benefits for garden protection.

Organic Kelp Meal (1-0-2): Growth-Promoting Seaweed - Ethically harvested from the ocean, kelp meal boosts plant vigor and resistance to environmental stress, infusing gardens with vitality.

Organic Humic Acid (0-0-0): Soil Structure Improver - This organic compound revitalizes garden soil, enhancing water retention and soil texture, ideal for sustainable gardening practices.

Organic Gypsum (0-0-0): The Ultimate Soil Conditioner - Gypsum naturally conditions and loosens hard-packed soil, improving water penetration and root growth. An essential ingredient for gardeners looking to enhance soil structure and facilitate healthy plant development.

Third-Party Guaranteed Minimum Analysis: 3-4-2

Coverage & Application Rates

Gardens & Landscapes, Hanging Baskets, Potted Plants: Apply 1L (.25gal) of pellets per 2.3m2 (25sqft) or 1L (.5gal) of pellets per 136L (36gal). Incorporate into the top 2 inches of your soil or apply pellets and cover with compost.


All pellet products by the bag can be shipped Canada-wide.

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