A Holistic Approach to Soil Fertility

Our Feel Good Fertilizer pellets, are designed to nourish the garden directly from ingredients that all come from the Earth. Our pellets are designed to enhance soil health and support vibrant growth all while aligning with Mother Nature’s seasonal rhythms. Embracing Doug’s Feel Good Fertilizers means joining a regenerative revolution that benefits gardens, the planet, and our collective well-being, fostering a sustainable future through gardening.


Spring Root, Summer Green, Full Bloom and Fall Renu are four organic products that cater to different stages of a garden’s lifecycle. Each is thoughtfully blended with organic ingredients to enhance soil structure, nutrient availability, and plant resilience. These products are ideal for vegetable gardens, flower beds, potted plants and even lawns! Foster vibrant growth and environmental harmony.

Why We Should Feed Our Soil Instead of Our Plants?

Plants thrive when the soil delivers their nutrients, not when we feed them directly. Nurturing the soil leads to more nutrient-rich plants, resulting in a healthier you.

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Why Pellets?

Our organic fertilizer pellets offer a controlled release, even nutrient distribution, and enhanced soil health, embodying our commitment to eco-friendly gardening with superior vitality and minimal waste, outperforming powders for robust plant growth.

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How We Formulate Our Products and Pellets?

Our pellets are crafted from superior organic inputs and innovative blending for balanced nutrition, embodying a commitment to regenerative, sustainable gardening by enriching soil health and promoting plant vitality.

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Our Commitment

Doug Gardens is committed to regenerative gardening practices. Our products support the natural cycle of growth and decay, contributing to the regeneration of healthy soils and ecosystems. By choosing Doug Gardens, gardeners are not only investing in the health of their gardens and their families but also in the sustainability and resilience of our planet.