How We Formulate Our Products and Pellets?

At Doug, we embrace a regenerative philosophy, feeding the soil to empower it to nourish plants, beginning with our advanced soil nourishment pellets. Our dedication to sustainable and holistic garden vitality is reflected in our process, transforming premium organic materials into a regenerative force for your garden's ecosystem.

Regenerative Organic Inputs: Our journey starts with the careful selection of superior, organic-certified ingredients, aligning with suppliers who share our vision for sustainability. This ensures our fertilizer not only surpasses organic standards but also supports a regenerative approach to gardening, highlighting our commitment to safe and effective soil health solutions.

Holistic Nutrient Synergy: Our innovative blending process ensures that each pellet is crafted to deliver a balanced and comprehensive nutrient mix, fostering a nourishing environment for the soil. This holistic strategy promotes even plant growth and soil vitality, encapsulating our mission to rejuvenate your garden from the soil up.

Sustainable Manufacturing: Our production ethos is deeply integrated with our responsibility towards the environment. Employing organic vegetable oils in our machinery and innovative dust collection systems, we adopt practices that reduce waste and environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability underscores our dedication to preserving resources and championing green manufacturing practices.

Enriching Soil-Focused Pellets: The result is a unique pellet formula that offers slow-release nutrition, enabling the soil to effectively feed the plants. This method not only supports sustained plant growth but also enhances soil biodiversity and resilience, laying the groundwork for a vibrant, regenerative garden ecosystem.

Commitment to Regenerative Excellence: Doug represents a steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and regenerative innovation. Our pellet production embodies our promise to deliver superior, eco-conscious gardening solutions. Choosing Doug means investing in a holistic, sustainable approach to gardening that prioritizes soil health and plant vitality.