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Plant Pills

Plant Pills

Probiotics for your plants that benefit the health of your soil.

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Whether it be your indoor plants, outdoor plants, cannabis plants, flowering plants, or the plants you don't even know the name of, this 100% organic blend of highly nutritious ingredients will absolutely ELEVATE and TRANSFORM your plant game!

Say goodbye to dry, dead soil - and say hello to thriving, LIVING soil! 🌿

Nourish your plants with the power of nature with our Probiotic Pills, meticulously crafted by The Urban Botanist and Doug Gardens, crafted and packaged right here in Canada 🇨🇦

These revolutionary plant pills are a potent blend of natural ingredients that harness the wonders of the earth's ecosystem to elevate your plant's health and vitality. They not only make your plants improve the health of your house plants, these ingredients are sustainably sourced which also makes the planet happier and healthier too 🌎♻️


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