Composting Caretakers Program

Program Overview

The Doug Garden Education Program offers a Grade Four Composting Caretakers Program designed to empower students with knowledge and understanding of the crucial relationship between composting and the conservation of the Earth's systems.

In-Class Sessions

The program consists of two 90-minute in-class sessions filled with engaging demonstrations, hands-on learning activities, and experiments. During these sessions, students will actively explore the world of composting, gaining a deeper understanding of its role in the development of healthy soil and its ability to support thriving plant life. Through hands-on activities and experiments, students will investigate the environmental benefits of composting and its contribution to the conservation of the Earth’s systems. These activities aim to help students develop a sense of responsibility for the environment and understand their role as stewards of the planet.

Supplementary Components

In addition to the in-class sessions, the Composting Caretakers Program includes supplementary components.

Individual Journals

Each student will be provided with an individual journal to document their observations, collect data, analyze their findings, and reflect on their discoveries as they engage in activities throughout the program. This journaling activity fosters a deeper understanding of composting and promotes critical thinking and reflection skills.

Morning Messages - Join the Composting Club

The program incorporates 15 "Morning Messages - Join the Composting Club," which are short educational snippets delivered to students regularly. These messages provide additional insights, tips, and inspiration related to composting, creating a sense of belonging to a community of composting caretakers and further enhancing students' understanding and enthusiasm for sustainable practices.

Environmental Education and Empowerment

The Composting Caretakers Program acknowledges the importance of environmental education and sustainable practices in creating a more environmentally conscious generation. By engaging students in meaningful and hands-on experiences, the program aims to instill a sense of responsibility and empower students to create a personal plan on how to help conserve the Earth's systems.

Comprehensive Nature of the Program

It's important to note that while the in-class sessions can be booked individually, the supplementary components, such as the Composting Caretaker Journal and Morning Messages, are not included in the individual session bookings. These components are integral to the comprehensive nature of the program, providing students with a well-rounded and immersive learning experience that fosters a deep understanding of composting and its environmental significance.