Worm Castings. A garden soil amendment that aids in making healthy soil.  Worm Castings are present in all of Doug Gardens Soil mixes and soil amendments

Seven surprising things you didn't know about earthworm poop AKA Worm Castings

Ah, earthworms. These non-anxious squirmers have been with us since the dawn of creation - but did you know that their poop (also known as Worm Castings) can bring a plethora of surprising benefits to your garden? We are willing to bet you didn't know how much easier and more productive gardening could be with these slimy creatures around. In this blog post, were going to share seven facts about earthworm castings that'll blow your mind - from soil health improvements all the way to pest control. There's so much Mother Nature has in store when it comes to worm poop…so let's dive right in!

1. Worm Castings are an excellent source of nutrients for plants

If you're looking to get the most out of your hardiness zone 3 vegetable garden, Worm Castings are a great way to give it that extra boost! Packed with valuable minerals, nitrogen and beneficial microbes up to twice as much than unfertilized soil. These exceptional castings not only provide essential nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium but also fluff-up compact soils for efficient absorption by plants. Use Worm Castings on your crops; they'll be sure thank you for the added nutrition!

2. Worm castings help to improve soil structure and drainage

With Calgary's notoriously challenging soil conditions, the answer might be found with Worm Castings! These remarkable natural fertilizer can help improve drainage and structure of even hardiness zone 3 soils. In addition to enriching your dirt, these castings also contain beneficial bacteria and fungi that create a hospitable growing environment for plants in any garden. And best yet- they offer long lasting moisture retention which allows more efficient root integration into native soil.

3. Worm Castings increase aeration in the soil

Worm castings are the perfect way to give your plants a breath of fresh air! Their intricate pathways create increased aeration and water flow, helping roots develop healthy and strong. With greater drainage capabilities, root hardening is made possible - leading to better yields in your garden over time.

4. Worm castings can help to suppress plant diseases and pests

Gardeners in Zone 3 can benefit greatly from incorporating Worm Castings into their soil! Not only do these castings act as a protective barrier around plant roots, halting potential pathogens before they even have the chance to cause damage; but because of beneficial bacteria secreted inside the castings themselves, there is also decreased risk for root-rot and common garden diseases such as powdery mildew. Additionally, this natural fertilizer adds essential nitrogen and other minerals that give plants an extra boost - making them stronger against hardier pests or diseases.

5. Worm Castings can help to increase crop yields

Alberta's growing season may be short, but crops can still thrive with the help of Worm Castings! Rich in nitrogen and other essential minerals and trace elements, castings also contain beneficial bacteria that increase soil aeration which encourages bigger root systems. Not to mention they maintain a healthy pH balance for optimal plant growth as well as improve water retention capacity - all factors working together to make Alberta plants strong despite our harsh climate.

6. Worm Castings can help to reduce water usage in the garden

Alberta gardens have the potential to thrive with Worm Castings as a soil amendment. Worm Castings can aid in efficient water conservation by reducing watering frequency and overall usage. Worm Castings also aid in providing aeration and drainage throughout Alberta's unique soils - both clay based or sandy. This means that you will be watering more efficiently by watering less. 

7. Worm Castings are an environmentally friendly way to fertilize the garden

For a healthier and sustainable garden, Doug Gardens suggests turning away from chemical fertilizers. Worm Castings offer an excellent alternative because they are naturally rich in nutrients, full of beneficial microorganisms to create a fertile soil ecosystem, great for water retention so your plants will stay hydrated during dry spells – all without any synthetic or toxic materials! So go green with worm castings - the natural choice for healthy gardens.

Who knew that the most effective fertilizer for your garden can come from an unlikely source - earthworms! Get ready to make your Doug Garden thrive with Worm Poop, aka Worm Castings. Short on time? No problem. Pick up some of our amazing worm castings-filled soil conditioning mulch at the https://growdoug.ca/collections/soil-mulch-compost-and-accessories/products/dougs-mulch and get gardening like a pro in no time!

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