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    Rethink how you mulch.

    Soil Nourishing Mulch to protect and feed your soil ecosystem.

    * Increases water retention

    * Reduces weed growth

    * Natural slow release plant nutrition

    * Reduces plant pathogens

    * Contains both micro and macro nutrients

    * Improves soil structure and porosity

    * Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and regenerative

    Ingredients: Straw, wool, worm castings, biochar, humic acid

    Guaranteed Analysis in %: Nitrogen 5.28, P205 .18, K20 3.64

    Organic Matter 87.01 and C:N Ratio 7:1

  • Weight:

    1.814 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sarah Gustafson
I love this mulch!

It's amazing how far one bag of this mulch will go. Once watered it expands a lot and does an incredible job of keeping the soil moist. The pots with the mulch are really thriving. I'll be using this product every year!

Excited to try

I met the owners of this company at the Calgary home show and was very impressed! Growing up in a family that has always been involved in gardening, composting and permaculture, the knowledge here is top notch. Though snow is currently still on the ground, I am excited to try their products this coming season!