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    In general, the best garden soil should be well-draining and loose. Alberta is prone to clay soils that are quite the opposite. A rule of thumb to look for is if you can make a ball with your soil in your hands and it won’t fall apart, then there is too much clay. The other imperative for garden soil is a healthy amount of organic material. Organic material provides many of the essential nutrients that plants require for growth. 

    Doug’s Living Soil is exactly this. Loose, well-draining, and full of organic material. The looseness of Doug’s soil allows water to percolate down and through the soil, thus staying present for uptake from your plants’ roots. Doug’s Living Soil also contains a percentage of Doug’s Compost to further provide nutrient richness for your garden!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephen de Boon
I've never seen our garden so quickly!

If you are an avid gardener, or even just a beginner, I highly suggest you get yourself some Living Soil. The difference between the growth in our new planter box (Doug Living soil), versus our old planter box (big box store soil), is night and day. 10/10 would recommend. Thanks Doug!

Michelle Cederberg
First time happy user

So far the whole Doug process has been awesome. Excited to see how my garden perks up this year. Thanks!

Dagmar Viberg
Put it on my garden bed.

I needed more soil and ordered. Very fast delivery. My bedding plants are in. Also sprinkled with the nutrition addition from my subscription. Now, I am waiting to see how it goes after the rain and lots of sun.:)

Ed Horner

Sorry we can"t give you any reviews on your Living soil yet as we just got our green house finished and havn"t planted anything as yet. We are going back to our lake property mid May when we will get serious about planting. We are looking forward to our gardenig this year. Thank you for Dougs soil and your garden wisdom.
Ed and Kathy

Jennifer Tran
Living soil is great

Doug delivery was excellent and the soil is extremely high quality. Can’t get anything better!