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When building out our supply chain, we quickly realized that not all compost is created equally. Post-consumer compost, although really great for the environment and our landfills, does not always mean the best compost for our gardens. People often misuse the green bins in their yards and toss in materials that are not easily or not compostable at all. Improper or incomplete sorting of materials can allow things like leaking batteries to end up in your compost. 

Large-scale post-consumer composting facilities also utilize heavy amounts of grass clippings and wood waste that were most likely treated with a pesticide at one point. The lawn clippings can also contain many seeds.  

Proper composting procedures can break down many of the pesticide molecules and render many of the seeds unusable, but not always. Some persistent pesticides can actually bioaccumulate or bio-magnify from the compost and then into the vegetables and into your gut and get stronger as they pass through the food system.

Doug’s Compost is the result of countless hours trying to source the most beneficial and nutritious compost that we could find. Many of the compost bags that are purchased in a big box store only contain a small amount of actual compost while the remainder of the bag is peat. Doug’s Compost is comprised of a 100% organic manure based compost. 

It is our goal that instead of using synthetic fertilizer in your garden, you will instead use Doug’s Compost to feed your plants. Your food and your gut will thank you.


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