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    15 cubic feet or roughly 450 litres of product

    High quality compost

    High quality garden soil

    Finely processed straw

    Straw pellet mulch

    Irrigation kit with timer

    * All of Doug’s contents have been either, locally sourced or produced in house with great care

    * A purchase of a Doug Garden automatically enrolls you into Doug's Soil Health Subscription

Customer Reviews

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Jacob E.

Threw this garden in at the beginning of June prior to leaving on holidays. Just got back a week ago to almost 100% germination and everything is thriving. Literally a turn key garden. Bravo.

Buy the complete kit

The only regret I have is not buying the complete kit. We had purchased some boxes from Costco and bought the kit that didn't include irrigation and boards. We ran into your company at the Farmers Market where you had the cedar box set up. It was leaps and bounds better than our Costco boxes, not made from plastic and it would of been cheaper to have just bought the complete kit.