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    Cedar no-tool garden box  3' x 3' x 11" or 3' x 6' x 11" 

    • Doug's Living Soil 
    • Doug's Soil Nourishing Mulch 
    • Irrigation kit with timer 

    * All of Doug's contents have been either, locally sourced or produced in-house with great care

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    174.633 kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeff D.
Easiest thing to assemble.

Well that was about the easiest thing to assemble. 22 minutes to put the thing together including planting my seeds. Excited to see this thing perform.

Tane S.
So Easy!

Every part of that was so easy and everything in the kit seemed like high quality stuff. It's nice to receive something where you can see that no corners were cut. Even the instructions were well described. Excited to have some salads fresh out of the garden this year.

Fred L.
I'm Hooked.

I planted my garden at the same time as my neighbours and we planted some pretty similar stuff. I peak over the fence often and I don't know what's in this Doug stuff but I'm way ahead of the neighbour. Excited to finally have gotten into this gardening thing - I'm hooked.

Nicolas P.
Blown Away!

I am blown away by how easy this was to put together. There's a purpose for each step and the no-dig methodology makes sense when you think about it. We will be purchasing another kit next year to give our current Doug box a buddy. I believe they mentioned that the irrigation can be connected between gardens. Amazing that this is a Calgary based idea and business.

Jeff M.
So Easy!

So easy a monkey could do it. What a phenomenal product.